Brief: Conduct research, write copy, take photos, and design the layout for a publication on the topic of choice. Create a promotional video for the publication.
Solution: Explore the culture of artisan cheese-making in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Employ a collage aesthetic.
Editor's Note from the publication:
"When discussing topics of research, my friend, Abigail, jokingly shared that cheese would be an excellent choice. The synapses in my brain fired in such a particular way as to make me type, 'CHEEEEEESE,' into the group chat.
And, thus, the topic of this magazine was decided.
My mother is a professional, classically trained chef. As you might imagine, she’s always had strong opinions about ingredients, preparations, pairings, and food in general. In fact, she received her culinary education in Portland, OR in the 1990s, and she continued working in restaurants in the Oregon wine country for a while after earning her degree.
Mom’s culinary opinions were a major part of my food experiences growing up, of course. It was never Kraft singles on toasted Wonder Bread for dipping in Campbell’s soup. It was thoughtfully curated charcuterie boards and dishes from around the globe. I grew up with exposure to many different cultures and cuisines, and that has led me to have an appreciation for good, quality ingredients.
In conducting research for this magazine, I tried so many delicious cheeses made by true artisans—people who care about the products they make as well as the clients they serve. My hope is that this magazine will encourage you to support the folks in your own communities who put countless hours into their small businesses in order to make great products."
Copywriting + cheese tasting = ideal Saturday night
Using a modular, adaptable grid system, I designed engaging yet open spreads for a twenty-six-page magazine on artisan cheese in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Though there are so, so many cheesemakers in Oregon, I wrote articles only on those with whom I could get in contact for interviews. The best part of the interviews by far was asking for the makers' recommendations—that's when I really got to see their excitement for their craft and hear about the dishes they make for themselves and their loved ones.
Copywriting is something I've always enjoyed, so developing this magazine was an amazing opportunity to write original content based on the in-person interviews that these craftsmen graciously participated in. Plus, I got to eat a lot of their amazing cheeses, which is also something I love to do.
For a promotional video, I wanted to explore how the magazine's collages would feel as they assembled, so I animated a sort of faux stop-motion piece. Using elements from the spreads, the video begins by showing the steps of a homemade cheese recipe and ends by closing the front cover of the magazine.

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