Brief: Design a new visual identity for an existing brand that would benefit from having a pictorial mark.
Solution: Rebrand Luksusowa Vodka with a mark and identity system that are playful, contemporary, and draw from Polish heritage.
As a loyal Luksusowa customer, I wanted to move the brand into a more contemporary visual identity that could speak to a younger audience. I emphasized the brand's Polish heritage by taking inspiration from Polish folk art—specifically Polish pottery motifs—and Polish mythology. The pictorial mark appropriates the Mermaid of Warsaw who protects the city and its river. I chose to maintain a vibrant, red hue as the brand's primary color because of its reference to the Polish flag and its unique attractive value on store shelves.
An essential element of the Luksusowa brand is the bottle itself. While most vodka bottles are rounded, the Luksusowa bottle is a stocky rectangular one. I wanted to keep that element in the literal packaging as well as in the brand mark—the bottle wielded by the mermaid is purposefully rectangular, and the blocky style continues throughout other elements in the mark.
To expand brand awareness, I introduced a series of art-driven coasters for use and collection at bars. These coasters increase brand awareness and brand loyalty as consumers continue to collect different pattern variations.

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